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JoFY Bingo Wk.2

This post is a day later than planned due to the small matter of a stamp release yesterday!

OK, back to business (well, fun really!)  JoFY Bingo Week 2!! This week's numbers are shown in the photo above and corresponding stamps sets look like this:

Beach huts are basically sheds (nice sheds!) on a beach... so for my project this week I've brought it off the sand and into the garden...

I was aiming for a scene with perspective - large flowers in the foreground and the shed and row of flowers in the background & seemingly further away.

To create the scene: Using JOFY16: the beach hut became the shed, the bucket and spade became garden pots; from JOFY22 the flowers stayed as flowers; and from JM22 the vase of flowers became a row of flowers in the distance - they were a perfect size!

The tag measures 21.5x10.5cm (approximately 8x4inches) which is a good size for building a scene onto.

I hope the stamp choices have inspired you to join in - if so here are the 'rules'... (they're more like loose guidelines really...) :o)

The balls/numbers are blogged on a Monday, along with a project I've made using the corresponding stamp sets, then the plan is to:
  • Use/combine 2 stamp sets (use only those stamp sets - not all the stamps in each set - that would be too much of an ask but as long as there are one or two stamps from each set then its OK!)
  • 7 days to create 1 project, makers choice:  cards... atc... journal page... dimensional project... tag...
  • Use any paints/media, colours, embellishments, stencils/masks
  • Load up your project to Instagram any time during the week.  Please use Instagram links #jofybingo and @jofyjo in the text (not 'tagging' me please) so I can find it :o)
I hope you can join in - I look forward to seeing what you create!


New Year = New Stamps!


I LOVE designing new stamps and stencils, and this release really makes me smile!  I think this might be my biggest stamp and stencil releases since my first sets in 2012 with 6 A5 stamp sets, 8 mini stamps and 10 stencils in 3 different sizes! 

Over on the PaperArtsy blog this evening you can see all the products with samples made by me, followed by two further blog posts featuring samples by my FAB.U.LOUS wingmen Keren Baker and Clare Messenger They have been BRILLIANT and I'm so grateful to them for all their hard work and creativity - I couldn't have done this release without them. They have posts on their own blogs tonight too so please visit and take a look (click on their names to go to their blogs). 

LOTS of thanks of course, as always, to Mark and Leandra at PaperArtsy for being so very brilliant at doing what they do!

OK, grab yourself a drink, settle down - here come the pretty things....






This journal spread was created with the stamps from JOFY63, using the smaller of the images as focal points - you don't always have to put a flower head on a stem!  :o)

LARGE Stencil:  PS083





This is a really useful stencil - I used it as a background for my doodle mushroom card and I wanted to show it to you without the stamping and paper-pieced mushrooms. Its nice to have a stencil which is quite tall but delicate at the same time.


This stencil is great to use as a base for doodling - this spread in an A6 journal used 2 colours (Slate Fresco Finish and Jane Davenport Paint over Pen in Bali Blue.. and a touch of white gel pen (or course!)) and took around 15 minutes to create.


This is one of the gelli print spreads I mentioned over on the PA blog post.  It uses PS085 and stamps from JOFY63.  I think the right hand page looks like batik tie-dyed fabric and is created by having a 2 colour gelli print onto the off'white pages of the journal.


The two spreads below are taken from my gelli print journal - the first one uses the first pull of the print and the second using clean up/ghost prints... creating very different pages.

These pages are created with PS086 & flower stamps from JOFY62 - they work well together because they have the same geometric design construction.
This second spread using the PS086 has a very different feel - mush more distressed which was inspired by the ghost prints of the background.  I used mini stencil PM011 and mini stamps JM58 & JM59, the text strip is from JOFY63.  (The words are created using PaperArtsy distressed alphabet  'WORDS 2' (W2) a really useful alphabet.)

MINI Stencil: PM011

MINI Stencil: PM012

MINI Stencil: PM013

MINI Stencil: PM014

I hope you've enjoyed this (mammoth) blog post about my new JOFY designs - I hope you like them as much as I do and you're inspired. 

I'm really looking forward to sharing the projects I have planned with these new stamps in the workshops I have booked around the country - you can see where these are by tapping the 'teaching dates' button at the top of the blog.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Thanks for visiting!


Bring me sunshine!!

Its a lovely sunny day here in Essex today (cold, but sunny!)...

I bought the Concord & 9th 'Dahlia Turnabout Stamp Set' and matching 'Dahlia Turnabout die' before christmas and this is the first chance I've had a chance to play with it.

I watched the company's video on YouTube HERE to understand how to use both (watch the video - its worth it!).
When I first saw the design I wanted to create a stencil using it and luckily they showed how to do that in the video.  Having done this my tip is: mark on the die (with a Sharpie) which leaf bits you are using to line up when rotating- makes it much simpler to keep track of.

I cut a stencil out of plain white card (I'm going to do this again in acetate so I get more use out of it).

I applied Distress Oxide Inks through the stencil - Picked Raspberry and Wild Honey (pink & orange - always a fabulous colour combination!) creating flowers randomly across the white card...

The stamp set has the turnabout flower stamp and some nice big words...

I stamped one of the sentiments (lots of mix & match options on the set) onto the white space, mounted the dahlia panel on to a white card and sewed in place.  I finished off the card with a button and gems...

A lovely sunny card for a lovely sunny day!


JoFY Bingo Wk.1

Welcome to JoFY Bingo week 1 - the numbers are 4 &14
oooh tricky choices for week 1with a couple of christmas stamp set after christmas ... (brace yourselves - I have a feeling thats going to happen often!)

I made a wintery tag using this weeks large stamp sets.  From JOFY04 I used the spotty border over the background (which is painted in Green Patina and Blue Oyster) and the star has been repurposed to be spiky flowers coming out of the ground, & I rotated the 180 degrees and used the flourishes to be 'grasses'.  I usually paint the flower on JOFY14 in hot colours (pinks and oranges) but this time I wanted a wintery feel so used white washed book text, snowflake paint and washes and dots of Pearl Glaze. (I also stamped a couple more of these flowers using second generation stamping creating depth.)
You don't always need to use an entire greeting/sentiment on a set - sometimes you simply need one word and here I've used half of 'happy birthday' from JOFY14.

Quite a simple project for week 1.. it was fun to find way to incorporate images from both sets.

If you are inspired to join in here are the 'rules'... they're more like loose guidelines really... :o)
  • Selected numbers/stamp sets will be blogged on Monday along with the project I made using the corresponding stamp sets.
  • 1 week to create a project
  • 1 project, makers choice:  cards.. atc.. journal page.. dimensional project... tag...
  • 2 stamp sets (use only those stamp sets - not all the stamps in each set - that would be too much of an ask but as long as there are one or two stamps from each set then its OK!)
  • Work with any paints/media, colours, embellishments, stencils/masks
  • Upload project to Instagram links are #jofybingo and @jofyjo
I hope you can join in - see you next Monday for the next round!


JOFY Bingo (Challenge)!!

What, I hear you ask, is JoFY Bingo?!?!

Its a game/project/challenge I've devised for myself - and for you, if you'll join me!

I design my 50+ JoFY stamp sets so they can be mixed and matched... the old with the new, minis with A5 sets... and I thought this could be an interesting blog project/challenge:  Choose 2 stamps sets and create a project using both sets - 1 a week, 32 weeks.

If I was going to do this in an unbiased way I needed the stamp choices to be out of my control (or I might pick sets that I know would/could work together) so to solve this I bought a bingo drum - I am leaving it up to the luck of the draw!!  A small bingo drum, complete with 70 balls, bingo cards etc (bought on Amazon, in case you're wondering).
Logistically I needed to draw all 32 weeks in one go. I put balls into the wheel that corresponded with the number of A5 JOFY stamps sets.... and then I began to spin the wheel and draw the balls, 2 at a time.... I didn't change ANY of the draws - not one! (maybe I should've had an adjudicator standing by to verify this.. lol).
The draws themselves were interesting.  Several times consecutive numbers came out together and I wondered if I should redraw those but didn't because that is what 'fate/ladyluck' chose so I kept them  (I am NOT messing with LadyLuck! lol). I think my favourite draw might've been 46/64 - I like that they're mirror images of each other! (If you're reading this & on the ball & thinking there isn't a JOFY64... well.. lets wait and see shall we *winks and taps nose conspiratorially* lol)
I've obviously seen all the number pairs and occasionally while drawing the balls I looked at the corresponding stamp sets especially if they were early + later numbers - sometimes I thought 'oooh tricky!' and then for others 'oooh nice!'  lol  Its going to be really interesting... really made me think..

OK, are you still with me.. are you following my plan so for?:
  • Numbers drawn will be blogged on a Monday along with the project I made using the corresponding stamp sets.
  • 1 week
  • 1 project, makers choice:  cards.. atc.. journal page.. dimensional project... tag...
  • 2 stamp sets (use only those stamp sets - not all the stamps in each set - that would be too much of an ask but as long as there are one or two stamps from each set then its OK!)
  • any paints/media, colours, embellishments, stencils/masks
I would love for you to join in - I think some of you reading this might've bought some JOFY stamps over the years and so please join in - lets see what we can make with them!!... I'm hoping this will help you see them in a new light, get more use out of mixing new with old, and be inspired by what other people create.  Join in when you're able to, no pressure, if the choices inspire you or just if you fancy it!

EDIT:  I'm opening this up to include the JOFY minis.  There's quite a few of those too & it seems a shame to leave them out of the game!  So, for example instead of (or as well as..) using JOFY36 you could use JM36 - widening the options considerably!

I'm going to add my make on my Instagram account & use the hashtag #jofybingo and it would be great if we could all do that (& link me to me using @jofyjo )(If you're not on Instagram - you need to be! Its like Twitter but with more photos - really interesting..) You can do this at any time during the week.

I'm really looking forward to the challenge. Don't for a minute think this is going to be easy for me because they're my designs!  you guys think of much more 'out of the box' ways of using the stamps - Lauren Hatwell's sheep made using the flower on JOFY45 springs to mind - I'll leave you to look that up! Its brilliant!

This is just for fun and occasionally I might throw in a prize.

I'll be back later today with the first draw - I hope you can join me!

PS if ever you need a bingo caller you know where to find me! lol
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